Drop 8: Status Judgementalis


been contemplating the idea of judgment a lot lately.  why we so effortlessly engage in it…. why it occurs sometimes almost unconsciously…..where it comes from…. who it’s directed at…. and how it manifests: sometimes as violent, soaking waves… sometimes a mere spindrift that mists the skin and moistens the air….

and as i question judgement, i realize that there is so much to judge…. the opportunities are boundless…. humans exist on different planes (superficially, emotionally, subconsciously, spiritually) creating an infinite number of possible perceptions and an infinite number of possible combinations—conditions on which to place judgement.

i’m figuring out that it’s easier to suspend judgement among the  more obvious people and behaviors… the ones that the rest of the world is already trying to accept and advocate for….. those folks that are outwardly broken or lonely  in one way or another are easier to approach with a forgiving spirit…. it’s those that take us by surprise that truly test whether or not we are who we think we are…. it’s those that ‘should should be but, but aren’t ‘  that are more often overlooked (or dismissed) with the altruistic eye, and who are ultimately and instantaneoulsly judged by their fellow human…. 

and so this…..

years ago, when i was feeling particularly flattened a friend of mine would comfort me with this  “Lisa Geraghty, do not let other’s reactions to you dictate how you feel about yourself…. do not let another person sum you up”….

and it helped…. and so my own take on those words of comfort have evolved and i recenlty heard myself saying to a friend, who was feeling particularly flattened by another “you’ve lived one thousand unique hours before ever crossing paths with this person and you’ll live 1000 more that they will never see”.

and that is what i’m left with when i think of judgement of another person… whether it’s their mood, the way they look, their dynamic with the world….. they have lived, and encompass realms of humanity that i will never fathom… they are whole regardless of how they appear, or come across to me….. and the behavior of ‘summing up’ of another person is torturous detriment in the grand scheme of things….

and  i’m beginning to realize that if i find myself intuitively recoiling from someone perhaps my heart should try breaking  for them rather than wrapping them up in a package that’s easy for me to understand……


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