Drop One

So this will be my first post, or drop if you will.  Not really sure where this will go… not really even sure where I want it to go…. I suppose this blog’s tagline is as appropriate as any other motivation I could provide…. 

I’ve used the analogy of a string of paper dolls for my life… So many frames, immutably the same.  So many with-ins as alchemic to grasp yet obviously present…. And as I move through my 32nd year, I’m realizing that one of the biggest challenges in a person’s life (surely I am not alone) is to right the many fractals of your own soul under the conditions that you have yourself created.  So many social conditions.  So many pathways chosen…. 

… And which one is the most fertile ground for genuine happiness? I’m beginning to wonder if perhaps there isn’t one.  There is no one exact pattern of life on earth that can provide true happiness….  There is no one pattern that ‘rights’ the inner, prismatic world with the outer.

So perhaps we shall see…..


4 thoughts on “Drop One

  1. kellie says:

    Whoa. I am so excited to read more. Lots of really big words tho. Had to bust out the old dictionary on the word alchemic. Man am I dumb. love you


  2. sonicleese says:

    funny i just wrote about how i fear change, yet I also find the never ending, cyclical sameness of the world infuriating…..


  3. sonicleese says:

    unknowingly….. i think you described the stark and beautiful difference between Kairos and Kronos…… the prismatic world…. the prismatic timing of God…. vs. an outer measure of the passage of time………………..
    anyway…… one of those ideas got inked across my wrist….. this whole idea must have been storing up for longer than i’d realized.
    i miss your words on this blog…….. not that you’ll ever cross this comment’s path again and have occasion to read my ‘missing’………… but in case you did……. miss you in general.


  4. sonicleese says:

    Reblogged this on Sonic Drops and commented:

    We sometimes pay hard, focused attention to anniversaries and markers of increments of times. And other times, we don’t. And sometimes we still realize but it’s not because we were thinking about the thing to begin with. It just steps forward from out of the crowd of other sweaty, busy thoughts. Today, I realized that this month, it’s been 4 years since I’ve used Sonic Drops as a cabinet for most of my writing. Here’s the first “Drop”


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