Sonic Drops

Awhile back I joined twitter.  My first tweet came from the bright idea that I could tweet haikus–make twitter for me less about updates and more about another creative outlet for stringing together my little paper doll words….  Needless to say, that fell rather flat and did not translate well.  So I’m still trying to use it creatively–tweet mini action pomes if you will. If you hadn’t noticed, my tweets come along the side of the blog, about three fourths of the way down….. so there’s that.

Then there’s this.  Thinking about starting a music blog.  I love descriptive writing (I’ve probably in some way or another ‘written down’ most of my close friends and family) but feel I might fall short if I chose to take on writing about music.  For one, I lack the critical component of actually being a musician.  For that, a ‘review’ of mine might fall short in theory and in practicality.  I think what I most like about a music blog though is the idea of sharing something I think is worth a listen.   My taste isn’t impeccable (see Leona Lewis, and wanderings into Euro dance pop) but can be very keen….. and broad.
For now, I’m just gonna welcome a project playlist onto the blog and see how it goes…  perhaps pop a track up there with a little story of how I found it…. mmmm? kay? 

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