The fenced in playground and wide, half dirt half grass playing field at Collin’s school, Academie Lafayette is adjacent and in a way, puzzle pieced into the school’s parking lot.  Many afternoons, arriving just  few minutes early for pick up, I’ll park, turn off the engine and read, listen to the radio or just observe the children at recess….

Now, this school is already very unique…. very diverse….. and a little quirky.  Attending a foreign language immersion school places these children in a slightly different category…. however they are after all “kids” and outside of their structured learning are just like other kids in almost every way….
Almost…. every way…… heh heh….
Yesterday as I was pulling up and turning the car engine off I overheard a little conversation among some older students kicking a soccer ball.  All the usual slaps, and shuffles and giggles of kids at play were heard…. yet over those sounds I heard a new kind of conversation that made me very, very proud….. given, I might have been observing members of the the school’s “Mathletes”…. still……
“Do you KNOW the square root of 98?”
(shuffling, kicks, dirt rising, kids laughing)
second voice, “Man, there IS no square root of 98”
first voice winded with kicking, “Yes there is… there’s always a square root to every number”
third voice with a chiding tone “No there isnnnnn’t”
 fourth voice “uh-huhhhhh when you have that kind of a number……” (in audible responses, chiming in and choruses over continued soccer volleying and blocking)
first voice “MY point exactly!!” (laughter from all…..continued soccer sounds)
I love this school. Where a quirky nerdy kid can be a quirky nerdy kid……