So.  It’s been a while…. The past 10 or so turns of the globe have cocooned some great moments…. Work has worn me down quite a bit…. keeping it together throughout the day leaves me regularly feeling emotionally peeled back from my scalp to my ears… BUT those feelings are nothing I’m surprised about–nothing shocking or cause for alarm…. just tiring exercises in interpersonal skills… to say the least….. I’m assuming I’ll grow from these tiring days in some way… time will tell….

And, thanks to a good buddy, I got to see an incredible band play their latest incredible album at the Uptown.  The Decemberists, within the star smattered square walls of an evening endeared themselves to me… almost indefinitely….and left me wondering,  “Is it possible to crave music?”
Collin has continued to fib in little ways, but I’m slowly realizing that it is nothing more than a behavior he is trying on….. a behavior that comes with trying on his own skin… Last night (like every night) I looked in on him 20 or so minutes after he’d been tucked in.  This time, I found him still awake, arms folded beneath his head, gazing up at the ceiling.  He greeted me in a whispery “Hi Mommy” and a sweet little grin.  Beside his bed, a fully transformed “Megatron”–evidence that he had not been in bed the whole time….
  I climbed onto the bed and began kissing his forehead.  I let my arms tuck under him and under his pillows.  Immediately he spat “I haven’t hidden anything!”.   “YOOOOO HAVEN’T??” I asked, very obviously (but not to him) playing along…. With great exaggeration I reached under another pillow–nothing.  And he starts to laugh… I throw my hand under another pillow…. more laughter.  The expression on my face (actual surprise and a little uh-oh) must have given me away because his laughter quickly waned and he flounced his head hard against his pillow.  Sometime after I’d left his room he must’ve climbed out of bed, rummaged through his “things” and found an old paddle ball set then stuffed it under his pillow for the night…
In perfect Collin form, sorrowfully and defeated he says “Ohhhhhhh.  I’m a bad boy”.  
The words came quickly as I righted his face towards mine with my hands on both of his cheeks.
“No sweety pie, you’re not bad.  You’re normal.  And you’re mine”.
He liked that….. 
… And I liked saying it….