It is Written

My name is now written in blood on the pages of the infamous book.  It only took a few…. mmmm perhaps one or two…. weeks of gentle prodding from my husband and other friends to get me to join… And finally, last week I sat face to face with the blue and white log in screen of  “The Book”  and signed my life away… I didn’t bother reading the terms of agreement–I had done so once before in a previous, “to join or not to join” consideration.  So far it isn’t as bad–and actually a little better– than I thought it would be…. 

It’s been SO COOL to reconnect with old friends, and friends not often seen…. 

2 thoughts on “It is Written

  1. ..and I’m so excited. I can’t wait for you to post pictures and for me to actually be on when you chat me up! Der. Sorry about that. Love ya leese!


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