Well…. The 33 year old singer songwriter Sufjan Stevens has been snowballing in his critical acclaim since 2000… And I’ve been hearing about him more and more in the passed few months.  Admittedly, I’ve found the very ‘look’ of his name irritating and perhaps a little coffee house pretentious (So far I don’t know of an exclusive Starbucks production out there, but I’m no googlebot).  Annnnyway, I decided to do a little research and I was actually surprised at what I found.  

The first track I listened to froze me with chills and thawed out my preconceived notions.  Sufjan Stevens is definitely NOT pretentious nor an elitist icky indie crooner…
 He is…..
As dark and melancholic as Elliot Smith
As candidly spiritual as Mason Jennings
As honest as a cold mountain
And as apologetic as a prophet

Take a listen: