Bring on the Wild

I can hardly wait for this movie… And the fact that it’s directed by Spike Jonze almost guarantees that it’ll be spectacular….


2 thoughts on “Bring on the Wild

  1. I just saw the full preview when we took the kids to see Earth on Saturday and it gave me goosebumps!!! Can’t wait!!!BTW- lovely to be connected to your blogness. I miss you.


  2. Jess– Gave me goosebumps too… Which is why I wanted to share it… Based on the song playing, thought the soundtrack would be interesting too… Turns out it’s NOT done by Arcade Fire, but by Carter Burwell (‘Being John Malkovich’, ‘Gods and Monsters’, Twilight’) and by a chick from ‘The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s’… which is ALSO interesting….Thanks for dropping by!


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