I crossed over to Mission this afternoon to make a visit to my mom.  The drive from my neighborhood to hers is mostly loping, quite pretty… green and shaded and generally pleasant. The drive isn’t a far one either, not that I would have minded, given todays’ window-down driving conditions.  Funny thing is,  once I crossed into Kansas from Missouri (literally crossing ‘State Line Rd’) I was almost t-boned at the TWO subsequent lights in a green light/yield situation.  Both times, the drivers looked angry that I wasn’t going fast enough and one even flipped me off when I honked at them….  I was initially scared, startled then pissed.  And out of anger in my mind, I concluded that all Kansas drivers are fucktards.

Why is that? Why is it that when we experience an unexpected shift outside the realm of normal or even outside the realm of safety it’s almost immediate and natural to attribute that deviation (erratic, arrogant, ignorant or otherwise) to some unshared component?  In my case, potentially getting hurt on the other side of the state line made it partly the state’s fault.  Like living in Kansas made those people more apt to arrogance and entitlement, thus making them fucktarded when it comes to driving….I’m not saying there’s much logic or fairness in my thinking that.  I just wonder why I thought it at all… 
…Perhaps it’s part of some weird, innate sense of rivalry–some innate sense of self preservation that kicks in after an adrenaline rush? Definitely interesting… I wonder if as much anger would have followed had Collin not been in the backseat…. I don’t know…. 
He didn’t seem fazed by his mommy’s expletives, but we’ll see what happens….