Me and The Bee

What better way to kick off Earth day than with some contained internal panic about vanishing honey bees.  I remember hearing about a peculiar and not very well understood neuro thing happening with the honey bees ….mmm… maybe a year ago.  I was momentarily intrigued-concerned then, I forgot.

This morning, while making my cyclical rounds on the internet I came across two instances of honey bee peril.  The first was within a link to a favorite clothing store.  The second was in a Litkick poem.  Not having much else to do, I took the bate and started googling. Turns out honey bees are vanishing from hives all across the globe and in the United States, alarming bee keepers and flowering crop farmers who rely on honey bees to pollinate their crops.  And, after a little more digging I found this declaration from Albert Einstein: 
“If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live.  
No more bees… no more pollination… no more men!”
No more bees… no more pollination… no more men….
 A slow boiling fear sets in…
“If the bees go, I go?!?!?”
 My heart beat quickens–starts to pound–and I swallow hard.  Again, I’m googling and reading and weaving a mind map full of local produce and home canning guides, gardening and seed schedules, survivalist websites and free trials of The Farmer’s Almanac.  Good Lord where to begin? If the bees go I go! If the bees go I go! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
So I choke and panic for a few minutes then I regain control and realize that one puny little human flopping around worrying will neither save the planet nor solve honey bee peril.  And, hello? Panicking will NOT transform my little yard into a perfect square harvest haven overnight…. 
I take a deep cleansing breath and resolve to plant one or two tomato plants and maybe a fruit tree and some flowers that may create interest among the little neighborhood bees.  If it works out I may decrease my reliance on shipped in produce and perhaps relieve some stress on the bees that do remain….
Buzz. Buzz.
Here are some links that inspired the fury, spurned on the search and ensued the calm and resolve of the blog above… 

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